Researcher biography

Jamin is a Research Fellow in the Parenting and Family Support Centre with an interest in the application of technology-assisted approaches to screening and intervention, primarily within the context of child and adult mental health and family wellbeing. His research focuses on understanding and promoting program engagement, differences in technology use and preferences, and the causal processes that lead to positive intervention outcomes.

Jamin also has a keen interest in data analysis, including longitudinal analysis of clinical data as well as measurement issues. He has experience with statistical techniques such as mixed-effects models, multilevel modelling, and structural equation modelling using R and Mplus, as well as various web programming languages. He is interested in the application of modern tools and frameworks for the promotion of reproducible research, enhancing science communication, and improving workflows for researchers.

Jamin currently works in the PFSC’s innovation projects team, helping to develop a greater understanding of how parenting programs can be delivered effectively across contexts, cultures and intervention modalities. Jamin is also a registered psychologist.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), The University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), The University of Newcastle