Building on the successful partnership previously established for the Lililwan project assessing prevalence of FASD, this NHMRC-funded collaboration with Professors Stewart Einfeld and Elizabeth Elliott from the University of Sydney is using a community participatory action research approach to tailor an Indigenous Triple P intervention and make it available to all parents and carers in the Fitzroy Valley in Western Australia. Community partners include Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre and Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services. A local advisory group is overseeing aspects of Triple P delivery such as selection of appropriate Triple P variants, training process, assessment procedures, and parent resources. Forty local practitioners have been trained to deliver Triple P and family outcomes are being collected pre- and post-intervention and 6-month follow up. This effectiveness study will demonstrate whether Indigenous Triple P can be delivered successfully in remote Aboriginal communities. If so, it will provide powerful evidence for an approach which can be scaled up for other communities.

Project members

Associate Professor Karen Turner

Principal Research Fellow
School of Psychology

Professor Matthew Sanders

School of Psychology