In collaboration with Professor Abha Singh (Amity University, India) and Professor Naved Iqbal (Jamia Millis Islamia, India),  researchers from the PFSC are conducting research investigating the needs of Indian parents and the types of parenting support that would be helpful to them. There is professional and community concern about the high rates of mental health problems in Indian children but no data to quantify these concerns. Identifying the current parenting practices and needs of Indian families is a very important first step in identifying risk factors and in designing a family support system which is tailored to the needs of Indian families. The aim of this project is to promote the health and wellbeing of children, families and communities by conducting an epidemiological survey of current child development concerns, the kinds of issues parents experience in their role of parenting their child, the parenting strategies they use at the moment, and their access to and preference for family support. This will inform the development of culturally-tailored clinical services based on scientifically validated methods of family intervention.

Project members

Associate Professor Karen Turner

Principal Research Fellow
School of Psychology

Professor Matthew Sanders

School of Psychology