Community capacity building and infrastructure development are national priorities in India, including increasing access to power, clean water, and sanitation, and addressing social issues, such as reducing violence and gender discrimination, increasing access to education, and improving health outcomes.

Collaborative efforts are required to meet these priorities in a rapidly expanding population while safeguarding the environment. International aid initiatives focused on providing impoverished communities with access to sustainable energy and clean water are vital; new technologies are essential to bring these communities out of poverty, empower women, reduce mortality, and improve environmental outcomes. However, the positive effects of these solutions are only realised when end users have the skills to integrate the new technology into their daily lives.

A solution is required that addresses behavioural change at the individual, family, and community level to increase adoption and sustained use of technology innovations creating a safe and nurturing environment for future generations. The UQ Sustainable Development Initiative brings together three flagship UQ research groups, the Energy and Poverty Research Group, Global Change Institute and the Parenting and Family Support Centre, to take a holistic community engagement and capacity-building approach that builds human and social capital while restoring and protecting natural infrastructure.

In collaboration with Professor Chris Greig and Dr Nina Hall, we aim to deploy multidisciplinary research and solutions to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.This research consortium will engage with Indian researchers, government, and industry partners to explore child and family wellbeing and support needs, strategic and productive energy needs, clean water and sanitation access, and the potential role of UQ innovative solutions in facilitating gender equity and promoting children’s development. 


External members:

Dr Nina Hall

Professor Chris Greig

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School of Psychology