About the Parenting and Family Support Centre

Welcome to the Parenting and Family Support Centre (PFSC) at The University of Queensland School of Psychology, home of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program.

Our aim

The primary aim of the PFSC is to prevent behavioural and emotional problems in children by enhancing the skills and confidence of parents and by addressing family risk factors known to contribute to adverse developmental outcomes in children.

Who we are

The PFSC is a world leader in the development, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of population-based approaches to parenting and family interventions.  

The PFSC collaborates with research groups around the world, remains informed of research developments elsewhere, and disseminates research findings from current PFSC projects internationally.

Our focus

PFSC research activities establish the scientific basis of all aspects of Triple P intervention and dissemination, including rigorous evaluation of new program variants. Triple P is a scientifically researched family intervention strategy designed to assist parents to improve their parenting skills and build positive relationships with their children. Triple P is currently used in over 26 countries, has been translated into 20 languages, and has helped millions of children worldwide.

Another focus of the PFSC is to contribute to policy development that may affect families. This is achieved by consultation with government ministers and policy advisers, and by dissemination of research findings.

PFSC staff members are active in national and state professional associations, serving on editorial boards for journals, grant review committees and policy forming bodies.

Staff members frequently comment in the media on topics of general community interest, and the activities of the centre have been the subject of many current affairs programs, newspaper and magazine articles.