We need your help to unlock the potential of families to solve some of our most important social issues and create a better world for parents, carers, children and communities. The PFSC will direct 100% of your support to fund research and program development, such as the project profiled in this video.

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Help make a difference in supporting parents and families

Why is your donation so important?

Researchers at the Parenting and Family Support Centre are constantly striving to develop ways that families can be better supported to create environments where all children can thrive.

The Parenting and Family Support Centre’s flagship program, the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program, has helped millions of families around the world but so much more work needs to be done to ensure programs such as Triple P reach the most vulnerable families and communities.

Triple P leads the world in the population-health style delivery of parenting programs across the community and we need your help to refine and further develop programs such as Triple P to continue to have a positive impact on the world.

Your support will directly fund work that covers the following fundamental research areas:

  • Epidemiology of childhood social, emotional, behavioral and developmental issues
  • Parenting and families across the lifespan
  • Parenting across cultures
  • Parenting in low resource environments
  • Parenting children with complex needs
  • Population-based approaches to parenting support
  • Living and learning environments
  • Use of technology to promote change
  • Community engagement and implementation science

100% of your donation will go towards PFSC research. Under current legislation, gifts to The University of Queensland – and the PFSC – are tax deductible.

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Contact Alina Morawska for a confidential conversation on donating or making a bequest to the PFSC.

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Director of the Parenting and Family Support Centre

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