Yulina Eva Riany is a Research Fellow at the Parenting and Family Support Centre (PFSC). Eva’s research focuses on the relationship between parenting and parent-child relationship, and how these processes influence child outcomes. Her works spans in a number of different topic areas in developmental psychology. This includes research in the relationships among parenting style, parent-child relationship, and several factors associated with parenting and the parent-child relationship (e.g. parental attachment pattern, social support, socio-economic status, and knowledge of autism) among Indonesian parents of children with and without ASD. Eva is interested in working to develop a framework on how positive parenting can prevent children and adolescent from risks of having problem behaviours, such as violence or aggressive behaviours within Indonesian or Asian cultures. In addition, she is also interested to investigate how positive parenting can prevent children from coercive parenting that may associate with risks to be involved in radicalisation.