In partnership with the Kokoda Track Foundation and SolarBuddy, this research project aims to investigate the underlying psycho-social mechanisms of women’s empowerment in remote villages in Papua New Guinea. Although there has been substantial work exploring the psychological factors relevant for entrepreneurship, this work has been predominantly conducted in developed nations and therefore, is not necessarily generalisable to those living in poverty. The study involves the development and evaluation of an entrepreneurship training program for women in remote villages in Papua New Guinea, through collaboration with local elders and stakeholder groups. Specifically, this research explores outcomes for women in establishing small businesses, and the viability of energy entrepreneurship (selling solar lights) as a source of alternative income for women who rely mainly on subsistence farming to provide for their families.

Project members

Nicole Penman, Associate Professor Karen Turner, Dr Vigya Sharma, Professor Paul Lant

Associate Professor Karen Turner

Principal Research Fellow
School of Psychology