Postgraduate research opportunities

The Parenting and Family Support Centre (PFSC) within the School of Psychology at The University of Queensland offers opportunities for students seeking postgraduate training in child wellbeing, parenting and family relationships, and family intervention programs. A range of projects are conducted at the PFSC including examining parenting and family influences on child development and wellbeing, use of methodological tools, and the development, piloting and conducting of clinical trials of interventions based on the Triple P  ̶  Positive Parenting Program, a unique multi-level system of parenting intervention.

Students undertaking research at the PFSC work as part of a research team, and have the opportunity to collaborate with multidisciplinary professionals. Research projects can be undertaken as part of a Masters, PhD or professional psychology degree program (Master or Doctorate in Clinical Psychology).


Applicants who have a strong bachelor’s degree with honours in psychology or related disciplines will be considered for the research program at the PFSC. Applicants should have a sound understanding of behavioural or cognitive behavioural principles, child or adolescent development, and have specific interest in the field of parenting and family relationships. Some relevant experience with children and families would be an advantage. Applications will only be considered from students interested in working in the area of parenting and family psychology. Please read all of the FAQs before submitting an expression of interest.

Available PhD projects

A number of PhD projects are currently available although other topics may also be possible .

Completed PFSC PhD theses

See a list of completed PhD research projects conducted at the PFSC.

How to apply

If you are interested in finding a supervisor from the Parenting and Family Support Centre, you must first submit the following information (each as separate word or pdf documents) –

  1. An up-to-date CV
  2. Your academic transcript (a draft or unofficial copy will be sufficient)
  3. A brief summary of your honours and/or masters dissertation project, including your supervisor’s name and the grade you received
  4. A covering letter briefly describing (1 page):
    1. Your background (professionally or academically as relevant);
    2. Your motivation for doing a PhD at the Parenting and Family Support Centre, The University of Queensland;
    3. Your research interest and the advisor/s in the Centre you would like to work with.
  5. A research proposal (1 pages max)
    1. The proposal must outline the specific parenting and/or Triple P-Positive Parenting Program topic or topics that you are interested in researching and why you believe your proposed project is worthwhile. Please include a working title of your project. Please ensure this project aligns with one of the current project areas we are supporting and have outlined on our website.
    2. The proposal should also include –
      1. An indication of when you would be available to start
      2. an indication of which advisor/s you would be interested in working with
      3. how you plan to fund your studies

These can be submitted by email to

Upon receiving this information we will consider you application and then notify you of the next steps. Please note that this process is to determine whether an academic within the Parenting and Family Support Centre is able to supervise you. This is not a formal application submission. If you are successful in this process you will then still need to go through the formal online application process. Details on the UQ application process can be found here:

We encourage you to visit the University’s Graduate School student site where there is a considerable amount of information available relating to how you can apply to study at UQ, as well as the various scholarship options available.

If you have read the Frequently Asked Questions and would like more information, in the first instance please contact the Centre Coordinator by email: