A significant proportion of very premature (VP) children exhibit difficulties in school readiness, which has flow-on effects on school engagement and academic achievement, and contributes to ongoing disadvantage in later years. The transition to school is a time at which parents are motivated to seek support and advice for child health and development concerns; however, there is currently no universally-available evidence-based intervention program to support parents of VP children at this critical point in their child’s development. This project aims to address a significant problem for VP children and their families by exploring parents’ perspectives on child, parent and family needs and preferences for support around the transition to school. Results from this project will inform the future development of an online intervention program for parents of VP children.

Project members

Dr Tomomi McAuliffe, Dr Amy Mitchell, Dr Rebecca Armstrong, Associate Professor Leanne Johnston, Associate Professor Alina Morawska, Dr Catherine McBryde, Dr Evren Etel

Dr Amy Mitchell

Honorary Research Fellow
School of Psychology

Associate Professor Alina Morawska

Deputy Director (Research)
School of Psychology