Parents with multiple concurrent problems may be less likely to engage in existing parenting groups, individual parenting programs and online parenting interventions, and are at greater risk of dropout. An integrated approach is needed to assist families who are experiencing adversity. This project is a feasibility trial in Sydney Local Health District, testing the efficacy of a new program, Family Life Skills Triple P, designed for parents with histories of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and/or current social disadvantage. This program focuses on enhancing the self-regulatory capacities of vulnerable parents through the combination of parent training and trauma-informed life skills coaching in a group delivery format (delivered via Zoom). Intervention efficacy will be assessed in terms of effects on parent and family outcomes (parenting competence and confidence, self-regulation, emotional adjustment, life skills) and child outcomes (social, emotional and behavioural wellbeing).

Project members

Professor Matthew Sanders

Professor and Director, Parent
School of Psychology

Associate Professor Karen Turner

Principal Research Fellow
School of Psychology

Dr Sabine Baker

Research fellow