This project aims to evaluate the effectiveness and acceptability of a culturally adapted evidence-based parenting intervention, Indigenous Triple P, delivered through Indigenous community services within a partnership framework to build capacity. Two sites, in Toowoomba and Cherbourg, are involved in a service evaluation of outcomes of the parenting groups delivered by local services, with referrals from other community organisations. The project involves a strengths-based approach to explore outcomes such as community connectedness, parent confidence and skills, and child thriving, as well as reductions in parenting concerns and conduct problems. It is hypothesised that a locally tailored approach to Triple P delivery through Indigenous community services will enhance community engagement and lead to positive change in parenting practices and confidence, family adjustment, and broad indices of child and family wellbeing.

Project members

Associate Professor Karen Turner, Professor Matthew Sanders, Professor Herb Marsh, Arvind Ponnapalli

Associate Professor Karen Turner

Principal Research Fellow
School of Psychology

Professor Matthew Sanders

Professor and Director, Parent
School of Psychology