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The addition of a family member with a developmental disability is often a source of stress, particularly for parents. As a consequence of the behavioural and emotional difficulties presented by the child, both observable parenting behaviours and innate parental self-efficacy tend to be adversely affected. Given the impact of this association on familial wellbeing, gauging the strength of this relationship is of significant importance.

The aim of the current research project is to determine the extent to which emotional and behavioural difficulties of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder influence parent’s subsequent behaviours and self-efficacy. Importantly, this will be evaluated in a mediational context, with the additional goal being to understand how family adjustment factors (i.e., parental teamwork, parental adjustment and family relationships) mediate this proposed association.  

It is expected that the results of this study will help facilitate clinician’s understanding of the relationship between these factors, which can therefore guide the dissemination of parenting interventions.

Dr April Hoang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow