Young people with disabilities demonstrate emotional and behavioural problems approximately 3-4 times higher than typically developing children. These problems persist if untreated, and unfortunately are frequently not well managed, with relatively few families accessing evidence-based programs.

This program of research aims to address the significant, unmet needs of young people with disabilities and their families by providing, free of charge, the suite of early intervention parenting programs (Stepping Stones Triple P) to parents of children with disabilities in across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. The project aims to provide more parents and caregivers with access to evidence-based parenting interventions and to achieve significant reductions in the prevalence of social, emotional, and behavioural problems in children with disabilities.

This research is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council and is being conducted in collaboration with The University of Sydney and Monash University.

Project members

Professor Matthew Sanders

Professor and Director, Parent
School of Psychology

Dr Julie Hodges

Senior Principal Psychologist