The parenting field has primarily focused on preventing problems of adolescence by working with parents of preadolescent children, even though parenting programs for parents of teenagers show promise for addressing adolescent conduct problems. One significant issue for research in this area is that parents of adolescents are often more difficult to engage and retain in parenting programs in comparison to parents of younger children. One strategy for overcoming this is to deliver parenting support online, which overcomes many of the privacy and access barriers experienced in face-to-face interventions.

This project is a randomised controlled trial of an online adaptation of the Teen Triple P program, which is an upward extension of the Triple P program for younger children. The study aims to evaluate the efficacy of this new online parenting program, Teen Triple P Online, on parenting, family relationships and adolescent wellbeing at post-intervention and 6-month follow up.

Project members

Dr Cassandra Dittman

Honorary Research Fellow
School of Psychology